We believe local, real cask ale offers a fantastic opportunity for you and your guests to enjoy some of the best local produce our area has to offer and at the same time support locally, home-grown businesses.

With this in mind, FlyBar has partnered with Clearwater Ale Brewery to bring you some unique and attractive ale options for your


"BREWING beer is one of the great crafts of Britain and this tradition continues in Devon’s county by the well-named Clearwater Brewery.

Using local waters and natural ingredients, Clearwater brewery has been producing a range of cask-conditioned beers for nearly 15 years with growing success."


FlyBar offer ale by the bottle at all of our events but for that special touch for real ale followers we can offer several cask ale package options to bring you an inspired taste of Devon.

Our traditional ale hand-pulls looks fantastic on the bar and deliver real ale direct to the glass via our chilled lines.
We appreciate that many ale lovers are passionate about their tipple and with this in mind we can offer a whole variety of different styles from our friends over at Clearwater Brewery. From the mild, refreshing nature of Real Smiler, perfect for summer-time session drinking and those dabbling for the first time in real ale. Right through to the aromatic, copper tones of locally renowned favourite Devon Darter. With varying tastes and strengths in-between along with Dark Night for the ale drinker that enjoys a dark, full-bodied number, packed with character.



Service Options

Real ale is a sensitive and delicate drink and requires as much care in it's service and delivery as it does in it's preparation. In most cases a cask of ale is a "one time" affair and will only be good for your event and for a few days afterwards.
This is why we have created different package options to give you the flexibility to serve this fantastic ale on terms best suited to you.

Our ale casks are fitted with specialist cooling jackets. These circulate ice cold water via chilled lines throughout the jacket to both insulate against heat and chill your ale to the optimum temperature to best enjoy your drink.
We use the unique Cask Widge system to deliver the freshest part of the cask ale to our traditional hand pulls. This system effectively delivers a clearer pint with minimum wastage.

Exclusive Cask Service

You purchase the entire cask at a heavily reduced cost. Your ale is served for free to you and your guests for the duration of your celebration.
Any ale remaining can be bottled for you and your guests to take away (a small bottling charge applies).
Bottling Note; spoilage of live beers occurs within 3-4 days

Cask Wastage Service

An advanced wastage deposit is paid based on the size of the cask required. If/once we reach a predetermined sales threshold on ale, this deposit is refunded to you (by BACS within 7 days).
Guests pay for their ale as they drink it and excess ale remains the property of FlyBar.

Personalised Ale Package
We also now offer a fantastic and unique way of personalising your ale service and adding an extra special touch to your Wedding day or celebration.
Exclusive, one time pump badges designed with your own image/photo and labelled in your own choice of text. How about ale branded to your big day such as "Liam & Lucy's Best" or "Lucy's Pride" for example.

Then a photo of the happy couple in the background or a wedding logo/theme unique to you.

After your event this professionally made, commercial grade pump badge is yours to keep as a memento.


For a truly personalised and local experience, Clearwater Brewery will happily accept visits from clients booking our ale packages (on an appointment basis).
A visit can include a tour and sample of potential ales for your celebration and design of your pump badge. Along with the option (if practical) to assist in the preparation or filling of the ale for your celebration.

Please Contact Us for further details


This image is an excellent example of our "Personalised Ale Package".

The clients designed their own pump badge for their Wedding day using our supplied Photoshop template.
Based on their own love of everything dinosaur, this unique touch perfectly reflects the couple and created a real draw for their guests to taste the ale on offer.

........and what a great name for an ale.

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